Saturday, May 30, 2009

Colour Me Happy Part I

Brides and lovers of all things wedding:

Today (and coming up in the next few posts), I am featuring my BFF and bridal photographer, Christine Pinalto, of Christine Kay Photography. She and I can seriously spend obnoxious amounts of time day-dreaming about gorgeous, style-filled weddings. She recently wrote me this:

“Please, oh please, won't you do your next Tres Chic blog entry on a plea for brides to choose COLOUR bridal shoes??? ('u' added because of your fanciful love for the English style spelling). I am overwhelmed with shoe-love as I click through photography sites where the bride goes bold, goes tall, goes . . . yes, COLOUR!!!! The brides I’ve gotten to photograph recently got me started on this blissful kick. . . Julia's hot pink hotties, Ashlee's wicked-beautiful blush pink Christian Louboutins . . . sigh. It’s the blog post you are meant to write- on behalf of me, your shoe-obsessed friend.”

My reply to her:

“No. Instead? You're going to write as a guest blogger! How about it? I love colored shoes as well. But your shoe obsession is bordering on .... well... obsessive. Do me proud girl.”

So, here she is... having her way with my blog...


As Monica’s best friend, we share many passions. Beautiful weddings are one of them. I recently emailed Monica with an idea for this blog. Being eager to pass the buck of trying to come up with the next topic
provide me with a creative outlet for my shoe obsession, she asked me to write the post. So, I jumped at the chance to add “Guest Blogger” to my resume. . . Here goes.

I am a photographer, lover of weddings, self-proclaimed Fashionista, Stacey London-wanna be, and alas, Lover of Shoes. (I do believe my degree of love warrants the capitals!) Yes, I admit it- I’m obsessed with the beauty of a good heel. There’s something unexplainable about how a product that can lead to painful blisters, intense discomfort, back ache, and shin splints (NOT to mention the side-effect of increased likelihood of tripping and falling and making a complete fool of yourself in public). . . how such a creation could possibly captivate the unwavering love of women everywhere. There’s just something about how a woman walks (and how a woman FEELS!) in a wicked pair of heels. Heels, you had us at “Hello.” (There’s always Band-aids, right!?!)

I have been privileged to photograph some weddings in the last year where the bride’s bold shoe choice was as impactful to me, if not more, than their dresses. These brides have done me proud and their bridal shoes have inspired. Eye candy of those bridal photos will follow in the next post in my guest blogging series, but today, I present to you a letter - or rather a plea - from a pair of aspiring bridal shoes...


Dear Brides,
Why should all the white, champagne, and silver shoes have all the fun? Seriously. Do you really want to have your bridal shoes blend in like a little white bunny in the snow? Who takes the time to really appreciate that little white bunny? No, my dears. That little white bunny is under-loved and under-appreciated. It’s beauty barely noticed, if at all. It’s not its fault. Its beauty just happens to be overshadowed by sheets of glisten-y, mesmerizing snowy-goodness. It’s not the snow’s fault. Snow is just pretty and that’s all there is to it. Nobody really notices little white snowbunny and there’s nothing you or it can do about it.

I contend that white, champagne, and silver shoes are the snowbunny of the bridal dress. You CAN go snowbunny, and nobody would necessarily blame you. But does that describe who you are? Are you willing to give in to the temptation to go ‘standard-fare’? Are you serving chicken, baked potatoes, and overcooked limp asparagus at the reception? (Oooops! Might ‘a struck a nerve there- but you know EXACTLY what I’m talkin’ about, girl.)

Now, I do have a solution. Picture this! Blinged out, raspberry-draped bunny getting its groove on in the fresh fallen snow. Mmm hmmm. Go Bunny! Duh-da da, duh da da, . . . dee da dee duh-da dada- Play that funky music, white boy. . . ! Picture Bunny winding up to do ‘the Sprinkler’. . . uh huh! Everyone’s thinking, “Gosh, I love this bunny!” So is there any way THIS bunny will go unnoticed, under-loved, under-appreciated? The answer is clear, ladies. You are NOT standard-fare. You are bold, you are original. OWN your fashion, ladies. Choose COLOUR!

Manolo Blahnik Jeweled Slingback. Pink crepe with tonal beading. Buckled slingback. 4 1/10 " covered heel. Made in Italy. $1190

Check back in a day or two as we go shoe shopping together for Part 2 of “Guest Blogger, Christine”!!!
Christine of Christine Kay Photography