Friday, December 9, 2011

Gray & Purple Wedding Inspiration

It's Friday and I'm obsessing over this color palette and inspiration board I designed this morning. One of my darling new brides likes gray & purple, and here's what I've come up with to inspire her modern (yet romantic) wedding dreams.

I wanted to select a neutral, light-ish grey and a variety of purples to add sophistication and interest to the palette. I started with the plum color (the left one on the palette)... I think without this red-based color, the gray would look too 'cold', as the other purples are blue-based. The plum just warms up the palette and adds a lushness that I love.

I used the floral photo on the left as inspiration for the palette because I love the bright orchid and magenta colors against the perfect matte gray. I absolutely love the simple circle design on the bottom of the cake and how they create the new shapes at their intersections.

Yay for new inspiration boards! They're my favorite.