Monday, November 25, 2013

The Best and Worst Bridal Story Ever

You've all heard bridal horror stories.  And while this isn't exactly a horror story, this story is 100% true, and an hour ago was the worst story ever for me and one of my brides.

I will tell you one of the worst feelings in life is to be a wedding planner who has your upcoming-bride-and-fiance over for a fantastically fun dinner (because they're so awesome), only then to receive a text 30 minutes after they leave saying she's lost her ring (a very large, very sentimental ring with her mom's stone in it).  At.  My.  House.

So, the next morning, we searched high and low and through all the trash cans and everywhere things dusty and bunny lie.  And nothing.  After searching for a good 4 hours with my kids scouring their rooms and husband digging through the left-over guacamole, we decided it just wasn't there, and --- short of removing the toilet (although we removed the P-Trap from the sinks) - the ring was gone.

Side note:  I would be THE WORST WEDDING PLANNER EVER if I had my client and future bride lose her precious wedding ring at MY house.  Words cannot explain the enormity of the pit in my stomach. 

So, my bride and groom then proceeded to come over and search my house themselves.  Because how could they sleep without searching my house themselves??  They looked under couch cushions (finding things like "Flaming Hot Crunchy Cheetos", which my daughter quickly ate) :(- and sticking their hands down my disposal and digging through our trash again.

Still.  Nothing.

Did I mention they're getting married in 19 days?

Well, they are.  And it took 5 weeks to make her original ring.

Bridal Panic.  Setting.  In. 

Then, I get this text a day later, which I have labeled for your ease of understanding.

This is the fabulous groom, who happens to be a doctor and who had rubber gloves on his person, so thus he was assigned the dirty duty (or doodie) of searching puppy poo for 5 days just to be sure the puppy who likes to eat rocks didn't take it.

Apparently, the bride set her ring down without remembering and Rufus snatched it up in seconds, eating it whole.

Rufus, you're now an honorary "Ring Bearer" in my book.  And brides?  Please don't ever E.V.E.R. take your rings off unless you're cleaning them.  Not to shower.  Not to wash your hands.  Not for dishes.  Not.  Ever.  I cannot take this again, I tell you.