Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Newest Très Chic Chick!

A funny little side note before I start this blog article - having to do with the title of this post.  Sometimes people (who aren't very 'très chic') don't realize that Très Chic is French, and they pronounce it "trays chick" like 3 chicks in Spanish or something.  So, in honor of those people, I'm going to confuse them even more by adding another Très Chic Chick. ;)

I'm all giddy to officially announce the addition of another Très Chic Chick - Mrs. Jamie Ihms!!  Jamie is my wedding schmoopie and has assisted me on countless weddings for at least the past 5 years that I can recall.  She's super detail oriented and so calm under pressure.  And she's about as sweet as can be.

Jamie is joining Très Chic as an Event Designer who will now allow us to offer the chicest design and full service or month-of planning for budget-conscious brides!  That's right - every bride deserves a planner.  Period.  Whether it's full service or month-of, because who wants to be making decisions and stressing out on their wedding day??  (cricket, cricket, cricket) No one?  Good.  Give Jamie a call.

Isn't she adorbs?  

And what's this?  Oh a little Monica/Jamie photo booth fun... 

And just so you can get to know her a little more, here are some fun questions she answered for all you inquiring minds...

Q. Why do you love wedding planning/what do you love most about weddings?

A. I love to create beauty. I am a trained artist, so I love to find new ways to make things beautiful in a striking way. Weddings, in particular, are a great way to do that because there are so many aspects of a wedding (lighting, color, music, the way a well-run event flows seamlessly) that lend it beauty. More importantly, I believe in marriage and love and commitment. It's an honor to be a part of the day when those things come into people's lives.

Q. Who IS Jamie Ihms in 10 words or less?

A. Arizona Native. Artist. Married High School Sweetheart. Mom of 2 brilliant toddlers. (OK that's 12 words.)

Q. What's your favorite color combination?

A. If I had to pick one combo, I guess I would choose coral and teal. Or, maybe pink and gray. Or brown and Tiffany blue. Really, I have to pick one? (She's questioning me already.)

Q. What's your favorite memory?

A. The night my husband proposed to me, (hold on to your spanx, ladies - this is one ooey, gooey sweet story!!)... He took me to the spot where he asked me to be his girlfriend in high school. He had our high school orchestra instructor serenade us over a private candlelit dinner. It was spectacular, romantic, and I knew I would spend the rest of my life with my best friend.

Q. What are you bringing to the Très Chic table?

A. I'm passionate about budget weddings. No paper tablecloths or chicken nuggets just because you have a limited budget. It's a fun challenge for me to help my brides find creative and savvy ways to make the most of what they have, and give them the wedding of their dreams without breaking the bank.

We're so excited to be able to offer extraordinary style, creativity, resources and planning now for all budget levels, so call us or email Jamie to start your planning at

Saturday, June 15, 2013

1920's Wedding Bash

This real wedding has a very special place in my heart... it's my little sister's wedding, where we welcomed the most awesome guy into our family, and we finally got to see her get her prince charming.  My sister has always loved the 20's era - well before this latest craze, and she uses any excuse to throw a costume party, so we knew there would be some sort of dressing in theme involved.  Even the very adorable flower girl and ring bearer (my kids!) were in flapper dress and tails.

The wedding was held at the historic Wrigley Mansion Club, which is an authentic 20's mansion at the top of a hill overlooking the city of Phoenix... stunning, indeed.

Steph(f) ;) - I'm so proud of the beautiful, confident, smart woman you've become and I love my new brother and am so happy you've found such a genuine, true love together.  AND I can't wait to have some nieces and nephews!!


 My sweet dad getting the first look...

The flapper girl and ring security on the right are mine. :)

The dashing groom decided to make a wardrobe change for the reception, sporting the ultra chic white dinner jacket that is so classically 20's style.  Love.

The tables were named with 20's jargon and their respective definitions (which were quite humorous), like "Bee's Knees," "The Big Cheese," "Flyboys and Flappers," etc.

The reception was turned into a speakeasy theme with favors of small bottles of liquor for the 'gangsters', and playing cards for the 'molls'. 

I always say the sweetheart (or head) table need to be something very, very special.  The bride chose to share a seat with her love by sitting on a vintage settee and we added lots of sparkles with the sequin pillows and linens.

Part of the 20's theme was honoring the grandparents by showing their vintage wedding photos, which just added to the authentic feel of the era.

So the five-foot tall wedding cake was a truly spectacular focal point of the evening.  The flowers are all hand-blown porcelain, which the bride and groom got to save.

Me and my handsome hubby...


A huge thank you to the incredible vendor team who worked so diligently to make the 20's come to life for us!  The flowers were exquisite, the cake was unbelievable, the photography was so beautiful and true to 20's style, the paper suite was sparkly and perfect... such great memories.  And a big thank-you to my dear Kristin Hower, who handled the day-of for me so I could be a guest and 
enjoy the celebration. 


Bridal Gown & Jacket: Mariee Gallery
Hair & Makeup: Holli with Kensington Makeup Artists
Sequin Linens and Pillows: LaTavola Linens
Invitations: Todd McQueen Digital Photo 
Reception Stationary Suite: Celebrations In Paper
Venue: Wrigley Mansion Club, Phoenix AZ