Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fanciful French Fete

I am forever in love with all things francais. This board was inspired by the amazing charm bracelet I found at One Hundred Wishes - a site I drool over. The bracelet is the focal point in this Vintage French Country Fete board. If I could live inside this board, I most definitely would.

Colors: Aquamarine, Early Morning Sunshine, Antique Pearl, Prism Pink

Fanciful French Fete

Credits: Mariabella, Lisa Lefkowitz (5), Jose Villa (3), Meg Baisden Photography (2), Karen Wise, Sweet Monday Photography, Open Air Photography (2)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration

I have a fabulous Valentine's Day wedding couple who are I've just completed their inspiration board with their color palate and it's a wintery-feeling Asian fusion theme. Instead of the basic hum-drum bright red and carnation pink Valentine's Day palate, we wanted something unique and still Valentines-ey, but with a very sophisticated twist. Plus, the bride just loves burgundy and brown.

So, here's the inspiration...

Colors: Burgundy, Peony, Crimson, Chocolate
Mood: Winter Turning Spring
Focal Elements: Cherry Blossom trees, Hints of Crystal, Beautiful Vertical-Hanging Oriental Lanterns

Le Winter Wedding

Credits: Caroline Tran, Karen Wise Photography, Karen Wise, Caroline Tran, Jose Villa