Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tres Chic Events is Featured on Style Me Pretty Today!

It's an exciting day here at Trés Chic Events! We have a beautiful wedding featured on Style Me Pretty! If you don't know what Style Me Pretty is, it's only *the* most fabulous Wedding industry blog available to brides who love the most beautiful things, and for those people (like me) who can't ever seem to get enough of looking at pretty weddings.

So please stop by Style Me Pretty and take a look at the front page feature, and particularly at the 18 pages of gallery images that go with the feature -- that's where the pretty details are! Also, please leave comments on that post!

I also featured this wedding, shot by the incredible super-hero wedding photography duo, Sedona Bride Photography, here and here.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tres Fabulous Etsy Wedding Stores

Often times, I'm searching for *that perfect* little something-or-other that is hard to find, but I know exists and MUST have it for an upcoming wedding. is a great place to find any and all wedding paraphernalia that will add special memorable touches to your wedding details.

Etsy is not always the least expensive option, but it's chock-full of handmade goodness that just can't be found elsewhere (or that one might be inclined to make themselves if they weren't doing all the other important stuff like planning their dream wedding.) You can literally find anything you need for your wedding from invitations to gowns & veils to bouquets, table numbers, centerpieces, favors - I've heard you can almost find a husband if you look hard enough.

So, while this isn't an exhaustive list, I've featured a few of my favorite Etsy storefronts that I've used either for weddings or entertaining/decor, in no particular order. Feel free to check out the goodness and please do let me know of any I've missed that you absolutely love!

We'll start with THE most beautiful silk floral accents and bouquets I've ever seen. Emici Bridal sells heirloom quality silk bouquets and accessories that are unfathomably gorgeous (and pricey to boot), but you can also find the perfect little bling (and green) for your cake, bouquet or table for a very reasonable price.

Next up is my Etsy fashion love, and that's Bonzie. I'm so enamored with their wraps and boleros in every bold and creamy color that I cannot express it in words. Adding a bolero like this to your bridal gown (for the reception only, let's say), or letting your fashionista bridesmaids sport one of these hotties just takes your couture up a thousand notches.

I'm thinking this little yellow number would look great paired with a grey pencil skirt and fitted tank top, no?

And just feast your eyes on this incredible bridal skirt - custom made to order, and the frilly ruffly scarf below. So fab.

Don't want a cheap polyester garter? How about one of these beauties from The Chica Boutique?

Etsy is also a great place to find your veil and/or headpiece, often for much less than retail bridal salons. Serephine has some funky, fun birdcage veils, but there are tons of stores offering your traditional, simple veils of every length and trim.

Of course, you can also find amazing brooches, earrings, and waist jewelry (don't you love it?) for very reasonable prices from stores like YJ Design ...

And for non-fashion related hunts, Etsy is a great place to find little odds and ends to add character to your tables, like distressed candlesticks in your favorite color, from the Morgan Hill collection at Bragging Bags.

Or these super beautiful handmade French vintage looking banner and table number signs from The Nest (also a great store for gorgeous gift tags for rehearsal dinner or bridal party thank-yous.)

And who doesn't want elegant "Cootie Catchers" to entertain their guests? ;) Alex Tebow Designs has them and they're 100% adorable.

Now, get shopping!