Monday, June 22, 2009

The MOST Beautiful Invitations. Ever.

Someone, please pick me up from the ground, as I seem to have fallen off my chair. And my heartbeat is just a wee bit too fast. Am I OK? Perhaps not.

The problem started when I visited this Etsy shop to check out some homemade wedding fare. And I haven't been able to pick my jaw up off the floor since. I'm so utterly in love, dare I say I want to marry this person? Seeing as I'm already married, no, but it's darn close. Enfin, La Voila! is the name of this Etsy shop, and it is so chic, so very very chic. Gorgeous, handmade French-inspired calling cards, wedding invitations and more. Simply delicious.

And it is there that I found THE MOST BEAUTIFUL wedding invitation I've ever seen. Period. I'm serious. Oh please, beautiful brides, won't you please choose this wedding invitation? If not, I'll just die. It's utterly and unabashedly feminine and all things lovely. Swoon.......

And these beauties...

Oh if I could only get her to design some wallpaper for my office now. Sigh.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Trend Spotting 2

After gown shopping with a new bride yesterday, I'm loving the new gown lines even more. Seeing a bride in "the dress" still gives me goosebumps!

Continuing on the Spring '10 Bridal Gowns trends theme, here are some additional trends to watch for...

Let's talk skirts. Designers are really putting emphasis on them and making them textured... layered... different... points of interest other than just their silhouette or how they're bussled, which is very cool.

Some other trends that aren't so major, but that are still making a showing are one-strap gowns and lots of sweetheart necklines. Granted, both have been around forever, but I think Michelle Obama's love of the one strap dress has inspired bridal designers to bring it back. The sweetheart neckline may be the result of 40's and 50's-inspired fashion coming back. And remember the bow trend... showing up again today.

Now for some divine Badgley Mishka...

The incredible Monique Lhuillier...

And some Ines de Santo going for the one-strap looks... admittedly not my favorite, but this first little Oscar de la Renta number is pretty hot...

And finally, some 40's/50's fashion throw-backs that are simply... endearing. Immediately when I saw these, I flashed back to Audrey Hepburn, and to beautiful old photos of my older aunts and grandparents, impossibly skinny, in their gorgeous black & white wedding photos. In fact, this first gown from the Monique Lhuillier collection literally takes my breath away. Take it all in.

Trend Spotting: Spring '10 Bridal Lines

I love this time of year where the bridal designers have all their new lines out! There are always some fascinating trends each year, considering how difficult it must be to create them with a mostly all-white long gown as your starting point. But alas, I've spotted several unique trends this season that I'm going to share with you in a few installments this week.

There are 3 major fashion trends I see happening with the big-name designers...
1. BOWS - and I mean serious bows.
2. Textured skirts
3. 1940's/1950's throwbacks

We're starting with bows today! Vera Wang is the clear trend setter in the use of bows big and small in practically all of her designs this year. It's almost as if she's presenting brides as precious gifts to their grooms, which I adore. You'll notice Vera also is giving her skirts a much more textured feel (another trend). Take a looksee...

Stay tuned tomorrow for the next installment of fashion trend spotting in this year's bridal gowns!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Faery Tales Do Come True

I cannot help myself - I saw this theatrical, magical wedding on the most beautiful wedding blog, Kiss The Groom, featuring the utterly amazing photographic talents of Elizabeth Messina, and I had to feature it. This is not an actual wedding, mind you, but a creative genius brainchild of Tricia Fountaine. It's mesmerizing. I love the addition of the real owl. And peacock feathers, of course.

I think it makes me want to be a beautiful faery for Halloween. Or, my other costume idea is to be one of the "Taster" ladies at Costco with the shower caps and plastic gloves on, tongs in one hand. I was there yesterday and thought that would be a funny costume. Today, I think I like these faeries better. ;)

Head over to the post to see more incredible shots. Enjoy...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Colour Me Happy Part 2

Hello again! Guest blogger, Christine ready to go bridal shoe shopping with you.
I'm ready for some more shoe-love. Sigh. Are you?
Free of distraction? Chocolate nearby?
That could come in handy. Glass of wine? Sure.
Come with me, my darlings.
Be prepared to fall in love allllllll over again.
(If you haven't read Part I, you've gotta backtrack and read that first. I'll wait. . . . )
Okay, I thought I'd start with what got me on this whole kick: Two brides who found colour as a way to be original in their bridal shoes. Up first, these blush pink with metallic accent Christian Louboutins. Of course, they warrant front and back shots. . . looove them!

And these adorable hot pink Guess peep-toes. These fit this bride so well- spunky and fun-loving! White shoes would have been a sin for this girl! She even got the black and white polka dot pedicure to further express herself. I love her originality!

Okay, my sweeties. Let's shop! I've linked each of these shoes to a website that sells them, so you can click on any of them to find out where to get them, other colors they come in, and how much they'll set ya back.

Bridesmaids wearing melon? BCBG’s killer peeptoe heels may be your answer. (By the way, some of these pics are super small, but you can click on them to visit the sites and they'll enlarge.) I love these! I'd wear them all the time if I owned them!

Something old, something new, something borrowed, . . . and some stinkin' sweet blue shoes!? How 'bout it!? Turquoise is such a pretty choice for bridesmaids dresses when the shade is right. I love it for a spring/summer wedding. Two options here for you- While the Christian Diors (first) will do you proud for a daytime wedding, the Christian Louboutins (below Dior) are a bold, but amazing choice for day or night! I'm sure I'm going to over-use the word, but these both are just killer!!!!!!!!! You CAN match the bridesmaids’ dresses, however that’s the equivalent to matching your handbag to your shoes. It works and while it is the most obvious, it isn’t necessarily the most fashionable choice. If you can force yourself to go for a less obvious choice of color, why not choose another color from the wedding palette to pull for your inspiration?

Let's say you go with celery bridesmaids dresses. I love blush pink as a bridal shoe to add to the color palette and make a subtle, but noticeable fashion statement. Can I just tell you that these Jimmy Choos take my breath away. Literally. You won't believe me unless you click on the link and view the bigger pictures, including . . . drumroll please- the view from the back. OMG, OMG, OMG! Let's see, which child can I Craig's List to pay for these? ? ? Oh, I'm just kidding! Still, . . .
For the bride whose maids are wearing merlot dresses . . . why not go peacock?! (You know who you are, Bridee!!) Check out these Manolo Blahniks- L, these gorgeous peep-toe pumps have your name on them! They are so much prettier up close. (Click on them!)

Navy is the color of choice for the girls? I love to pair navy with magenta. So regal! Steve Madden, you’re our man! Sigh . . . (And very affordable, I might add!)

These strappy purple Manolo Blahniks are so versatile! I could pair them with icy blue, emerald green, or honey yellow bridesmaids dresses. Bold choices, I know! But you can't be afraid to pair two strong colors together! We're not talking about pairing these two colors on the same outfit (though that could look beautiful too!)- we're just looking to coordinate with the bridesmaids dresses. It's your day, girlie! Stand out with some snappy footwear! (Oh my. Did I just use the word 'snappy'? Really, I'm not that old. Sometimes, I surprise myself. Whatever, I'm secure. Yes. I said snappy. AND I meant it!)

BLACK bridesmaids dresses? Why not coordinate with killer two-tone Pradas below. Ahhhh! Can you picture the shoe-envy of all the other women at the wedding? I CAN!
or these sweeeeeet two-tone Via Spigas. (Can you imagine the sex-appeal if you keep them on for the wedding night?! Meeeee-ooooooow!)
And my final selection,
my creme da la creme,
my finale?
I cannot express adequately just how much I love this final pair of perfection. If I owned them, I'd wear them out on the town, to the grocery store, to volunteer in the kids' school, WHEREEVER! And I'd sleep with them under my pillow. . . it'd be til death do we part.
Don't even THINK about NOT clicking on them to view them larger!

Double, triple, quadruple sigh. . . Nothing like Lanvin to wrap up the show!

Maybe these aren’t for every bride or for every dress, but I must assure you, I’d probably pee my pants out of pure joy if I saw these pink visions of beauty bedecking your toes on your big day. Who, oh, who will fulfill my bridal shoe fantasy? And please, oh, please won't you select me as your wedding photographer!?!?!

Much love, my brides, wedding-lovers, and fellow shoe-fanatics-

My heart is racing, my breath is laboured. I hope this post has done for you what it has done for me. I go to sleep tonight exhilirated and in LOVE! (with a bold choice of color for bridal shoes!) Make me proud, girls!

Feel free to comment below and join in on the discussion. Have I converted any of you fashionable brides??

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